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Tip for a Tuesday | What to Wear: Senior Boy

2017 07 17 0085

Last week I shared some tips on what to wear if you are a high school senior girl and you can find that post right HERE if you missed it! So to follow suit I thought this week I would share some tips on what to wear if you are a high school senior BOY!

 Now I know senior boys & most likely, absolutely none of them will read this post…and that is okay with me!!! But I do know my senior boy’s moms and they most definitely will be reading this – so moms, this one is for you! 

Getting your senior boy to be even remotely excited for their senior pictures can be a challenge, let alone finding multiple outfits for them. My recommendation is to keep it simple with only three changes – that way there can be something they love, something you love & something you can both agree on :D With all that said, let these guidelines help you choose some outfits for your dashing senior boy!

 1. Incorporate something they love

 Whether it is a sport or an instrument or just something they love to wear everyday. Let them choose it & then let them rock it!


 2. Avoid Graphic Tees

 Graphics are super distracting for pictures. The viewers’ eye goes straight to the graphic or text before even recognizing the person in the photo. So keep it simple and try to pick solid or pattern colors without any text!


 3. Layers!!

I always say this!! Layers can instantly make someone looked more dressed up; even if it is just a sweater over a button up. If you can’t get your senior boy into a suit and tie, this is a great option for a “nicer” outfit!


4. Patterns are FINE!

Don’t stray away from patterns – patterns are encouraged! Just try to keep it all in the same scheme and try to keep it to a one pattern minimum. Don’t bring three plaid shirts because you won’t have a variety in your final gallery!


I hope that helps solve a little dilemma when planning your handsome senior's session!


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