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A Tip for a Tuesday | Purposefully Slowing Down

2017 08 21 0001

I am kind of chuckling to myself as I write this blog post. On my blog schedule, that I have super neglected this summer for the exact reason I am writing this post, was today's topic of purposefully slowing down. 

I am chuckling because I am supposed to be writing about slowing down in your work and in your life, and I literally haven't done that for the past 4 months. I have this whole week "off" while I am in Spokane. I am supposed to be taking this week off. I am supposed to be purposefully slowing down. But instead I am writing this blog post, editing my shoots from last week, and making sure everything in line. What I am saying is, how can I write a post on purposefully slowing down when I literally have no idea how to do it? 

I thought it might be necessary for me to write this for myself. So I can look back and realize how this time in my life and business is just chaos. That in this season of my life, it is okay that I am working 4-8 shoots a week with a wedding on Saturday, editing to late in the night, and hustling harder than I have ever husted. It is okay, because I AM GOING TO SLOW DOWN. I am purposefully going to slow down and take this winter off. I am going to do that. But for now I am going to hustle.....and write in my planner for me to readdress this topic when I am not in the middle of my hustle!

I hope if you are in the middle of a stressful, fun, overwhelming, crazy busy season that you can breathe a little easier knowing this time in your life isn't going to last forever. The hustle doesn't last forever, but it is worth it to hustle when you can!

Big hugs, friends!


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