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Ireland | 2018 Havre High Senior


Oh, this girl. This session was SO much fun! Ireland is just a whirlwind of laughter and she brings that excitement and life with her everywhere she goes!


It was at her friend’s session just a few weeks ago where Ireland said to me, “Em just said, now I know why you like Mary so much, you guys are basically the same person”. But in reality I think we just share the same zest for life. Ireland is the life of the party even when there isn’t a party, she is bold and straightforward, she is a great friend and she has the BEST style! I also just have to point out that she got physically ill TWICE during her senior session, but I bet you can’t pinpoint when. She is an all-star - one freaking fabulous all-star! MONNNNEEEY!

A special thanks to Brown Eyed Girl for the fabulous makeup and to The Key Clothing Co. for the adorable sweater at the end of the blog post!



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