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Madison | 2018 Chinook High School Senior


This girl was absolutely NO fun whatsoever!! Read that with the utmost sarcasm as possible because Madison is one of my favorites! She seriously makes me just want to jump out of my seat with joy because that is how much happiness she brings to this world!

Madison is this super witty, crazy adorable girl with this sweet with a little spicy attitude that I just adore!! It was full blown belly laughs and crazy dance moves throughout her whole session, mostly thanks to Sierra for those really great dance moves ;) We ran around the Bears Paw Mountains, finding some of the most dreamy light! We knocked out three outfits with a little time to spare because we all knew we would be going to Cabo in a month and would be photographing some fabulous pictures of her on that gorgeous beach (photos of that session coming later!!). So as you scroll through these images just picture a huge dance party and laughter echoing through the mountains! Mads, I am so glad you finally know who I am and follow me on Instagram ;) 





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