Nic | 2018 Havre High Senior


This cool dude was a blast to work with! I mean take that cool car, those model moves, his giggling girlfriend and family behind us, and some pretty slick locations and we were set up for somethign awesome!

Nic is SO sweet. One of those guys you think to yourself about him and say, man this world is lucky he is in it!! He was extremely polite to me and really got into my car photos that I was overly excited about! It's not everyday someone brings such a cool car to their senior session! I always promise my senior boys if they just smile and cooperate, I can get them out of in front of my camera is under an hour. Nic was all for that plan, but he was just KILLIN' it in front of the camera that I got a little carried away. Poor guy's cheeks must of hurt the rest of the night from all that smiling! So worth it! You rock, Nic!!





Tags: Senior, Senior Boy