Baylee | 2018 Havre High Senior


Talk about talent when it comes to this girl!! Baylee is literally jack of all trades! She is smart, has been dancing since she was three, is in the band, can sing, is an amazing actress and is just a dang good human!


I had so much fun at her senior session because of all those things I listed above. She showed off all her amazing dance skills & to boot, it was on a freaking awesome old vehicle!!! Also, check out that old Buttery's hat box in the trunk - how cool is that?! Her whole session was sunshine and laughter because that is what this girl emanates, even as we battled the smoky skies that were thick this summer. Baylee's hair and makeup was done by Amanda at Crossroads Hair + Design and a lot of her outfits pictured are from The Key Clothing Co.!! Now onto the good stuff - here is Baylee and her rockin' senior pictures!!


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