Best of | Class of 2017 High School Seniors

2017 04 05 0035

Whew! The Class of 2017 definitely didn’t disappoint when it came to being incredibly kind and wonderful. Most photogs share their “Best Of” photos at the end of each year, but I had too many favorites over the beginning of January & February to just stop at the end of the year.

I feel like my heart is going to burst when I think of all the awesome seniors I got to have in front of my camera this year. From having the biggest Merry Dream Team to date, full of some of the funniest and gorgeous girls to getting to photograph seniors from all along the Hi-Line and some other Montana cities, this was definitely a memorable year. Some highlights were getting to: photograph two of my senior models on the beautiful Seeley Lake, being followed by goats and almost ran over by thirty pigs, literally dropping one of my seniors in a sunflower patch, rocking out every possible dance move, waking up really early on a summer morning for killer light, seeing some of the most phenomenal Montana sunsets, being chased out of the shoot by scary thunderstorms, being able to offer the Senior Experience and getting to work with some of my favorite vendors & artists, to shooting at the fair, to losing eyelashes, shoes and lens caps, “Taters Gonna Tate”, watching and listening to some incredible performers, and watching some insane athletes, creating the illusion of warmth in 20 degrees, being licked by a horse, laughing harder than I ever have in my life, being drenched in a crazy snow storm, literally having to reschedule because the wind was pushing us across the field, being attacked by red ants, being honked at and cheered at by people passing by, learning how to dab (is that how you spell it?!), going on my first ever snowmobile ride, snow angels in -20 degree weather, getting stuck TWICE in one weekend, having prom dress envy, and being able to capture this unforgettable time in all of these seniors’ lives. When I say this I do not mean to brag or boast, but I seriously have the best job & I am so grateful for this opportunity to be a part of every single one of your lives!

Thanks to every single one of you for the most wonderful senior season!

Class of 2018 you have a hard task ahead of you to beat this killer class 😉 😀 bestof20162017-01-30 0054bestof20162017-01-30 0055bestof20162017-01-30 0056bestof20162017-01-30 0057bestof20162017-01-30 0058bestof20162017-01-30 0059bestof20162017-01-30 0060bestof20162017-01-30 0061bestof20162017-01-30 0062bestof20162017-01-30 0063bestof20162017-01-30 0064bestof20162017-01-30 0065bestof20162017-01-30 0066bestof20162017-01-30 0067bestof20162017-01-30 0068bestof20162017-01-30 0069bestof20162017-01-30 0070bestof20162017-01-30 0071bestof20162017-01-30 0072bestof20162017-01-30 0073bestof20162017-01-30 0074bestof20162017-01-30 0075bestof20162017-01-30 0076bestof20162017-01-30 0077bestof20162017-01-30 0078bestof20162017-01-30 0079bestof20162017-01-30 0080bestof20162017-01-30 0081bestof20162017-01-30 0082bestof20162017-01-30 0083bestof20162017-01-30 0084bestof20162017-01-30 0085bestof20162017-01-30 0086bestof20162017-01-30 0087bestof20162017-01-30 0088bestof20162017-01-30 0089bestof20162017-01-30 0090bestof20162017-01-30 0091bestof20162017-01-30 0092bestof20162017-01-30 0093bestof20162017-01-30 0094bestof20162017-01-30 0095bestof20162017-01-30 0096bestof20162017-01-30 0097bestof20162017-01-30 0098bestof20162017-01-30 0099bestof20162017-01-30 0100bestof20162017-01-30 0101bestof20162017-01-30 0102bestof20162017-01-30 0103bestof20162017-01-30 0104bestof20162017-01-30 0105bestof20162017-01-30 0106bestof20162017-01-30 0107bestof20162017-01-30 0108bestof20162017-01-30 0109bestof20162017-01-30 0110bestof20162017-01-30 0111bestof20162017-01-30 0112bestof20162017-01-30 0113bestof20162017-01-30 0114bestof20162017-01-30 0115bestof20162017-01-30 0116bestof20162017-01-30 0117bestof20162017-01-30 0118bestof20162017-01-30 0119bestof20162017-01-30 0120bestof20162017-01-30 0121bestof20162017-01-30 0122bestof20162017-01-30 0123bestof20162017-01-30 0124bestof20162017-01-30 0125bestof20162017-01-30 0126bestof20162017-01-30 0127bestof20162017-01-30 0128bestof20162017-01-30 0129bestof20162017-01-30 0130bestof20162017-01-30 0131bestof20162017-01-30 0132bestof20162017-01-30 0133bestof20162017-01-30 0134bestof20162017-01-30 0135bestof20162017-01-30 0136bestof20162017-01-30 0137bestof20162017-01-30 0138bestof20162017-01-30 0139bestof20162017-01-30 0140bestof20162017-01-30 0141bestof20162017-01-30 0142bestof20162017-01-30 0143bestof20162017-01-30 0144bestof20162017-01-30 0145bestof20162017-01-30 0146bestof20162017-01-30 0147bestof20162017-01-30 0148bestof20162017-01-30 0149bestof20162017-01-30 0150bestof20162017-01-30 0151bestof20162017-01-30 0152bestof20162017-01-30 0153bestof20162017-01-30 0154bestof20162017-01-30 0155bestof20162017-01-30 0156bestof20162017-01-30 0157bestof20162017-01-30 0158bestof20162017-01-30 0159bestof20162017-01-30 0160bestof20162017-01-30 0161bestof20162017-01-30 0162bestof20162017-01-30 0163bestof20162017-01-30 0164bestof20162017-01-30 0165bestof20162017-01-30 0166bestof20162017-01-30 0167bestof20162017-01-30 0168bestof20162017-01-30 0169

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