Jessica | 2017 Big Sky High Senior

2016 07 14 0031

I dont know if I am just excited to write this blog post because this was one of my favorite sessions of all time, or if it is because Jessica is one of my all time favorite people. Either way I AM EXCITED!! If you know Jess at all you know she is full of sass, smiles, laughter, and bravery!

I have known Jessica since she was six years old. She was just as cute back then as she is today! The Beers and my family both have cabins on Placid Lake, so it made sense to do Jess’ pictures at a place we both know and LOVE! I was dropped off via boat to their dock a few minutes before Jess’ session. It was the first time I have been transported via boat to a photo session & I clung to my gear for dear life! LeAnne, Jessica’s mom, and I caught up while Jess finished getting ready. LeAnne is one of the most hilarious & fun people you will ever meet, so my whole evening was made when I got a chance to chat with her! Then they let me load up into Steve’s car, Jess’ Dad, and drive away with Jess; promising to bring her back in a timely manner 😉

Jess took me to a part of the lake I had never been to. There was a clearing up top and you could see the lake and the stunning view of the mountain ranges surrounding the lake! It was breathtaking! We then explored, tripped (…/fell? dropped? whatever you want to call it) into a field of daisies, laughed, and laughed, and laughed! Jessica is one of those people you can just bond with. Whether it is over our fear of bears or over how much we both adore floral dresses, she just gets it & is willing to chat about it! Most of the evening we were chasing the huge rolling storm clouds that were moving in, but it didn’t start raining until the very last few pictures and our trip back to the cabin. It was perfect timing! (My poor dad and boyfriend had to whip across the lake with blowing rain in their faces to pick me up – thanks guys, I appreciate you)!!

All in all that day, and everyday spent with Jess and her family is a good day. Jess is brave, smart, joyful and beautiful! I am so thankful for her friendship over the years and for the whole Beers family accepting me into their posse. I wish/hope I get a chance to see you in August. Very jealous of my sister, Kate who gets to spend a whole week with Jess! Remember to show her the big animal we saw next to the lake 😀

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