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Today’s blog post is all about my super fabulous Glam Squad! These two ladies help make my high school seniors, brides and moms feel extra beautiful in front of the camera. Both women are incredibly talented and have beautiful families, dreams and skills! This post is hopefully going to help everyone who is planning a session with me, especially my Class of 2018 Senior Girls! 

First off, if I have linked you to this blog post – thank you for actually clicking to find out more about the Glam Squad! If you are just reading to read I hope you find a new hair or makeup artist in either (or both) of these talented women! Both Amanda and Cesilee worked with me this past year to help make a lot of women feel extra confident in front of the camera. I know from experience that having someone else glam you up can be totally worth it! These two ladies have been trained to give you the best look for your skin color & face shape. While both of them are extremely great their makeup styles are different. In order for you to feel YOUR best you will need to pick a style of makeup that feels more like you or what you would like to portray in your photos! I am going to give a little blurb about both Amanda & Cesilee along with examples of past shoots they have been a part of, that way you can see exactly the kind of look each of them does on REAL local people! If you are one of my incredible 2018 seniors, just scroll through and find which style fits you best – then while filling out your questionnaire mark which artist you would prefer to use during your senior session Don’t know? No worries, I can help – just click the HELP ME button instead! 😀 If you are reading for yourself, I will include each of their contact information so you can easily reach these two amazing Glam Squad ladies!

Amanda Hammond

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First up is Amanda Hammond the owner of Crossroads Hair and Design! She is married to the love of her life, Nic, and has two adorable daughters, Alyvia & Eleanor. Amanda has become a great friend to me over this past year. I first met her when I photographed Eleanor’s first birthday photos and from that moment on we were not only friends but rocked out lots of fun photo shoots & teamed up to glam it out with some wonderful high school seniors! 

Amanda attended The Academy of Nail, Skin & Hair, now known as Bold Beauty Academy) in Billings, MT and has been a licensed Cosmetologist for 5 years. After booth renting for 4 years, she opened Crossroads Hair & Design last May. She specializes in hair cuts, color & styling, pedicures, manicures, and facial waxing. She holds two CND Shellac certifications, Master Artist & Shellac Professional. She is also Kenra Professional (hair color) certified. She is a Younique Cosmetics Presenter and uses Younique products when styling seniors and brides. She says, “I have a lot of passion for the beauty industry and love how it is constantly evolving. My career allows for the perfect balance of work and family”. 

Young girls who have worked with Amanda before described their finished looks as:



Myself with a little POP!

You can reach Amanda at (406) 680-2575 or find her on Facebook right HERE!

Here are some examples of Amanda’s hair & makeup on some lovely individuals this past year!

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Cesilee Storkson

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Cesilee Storkson is the mastermind behind many looks you see on my social media. She is married to a sweet and wonderful man, Ryan, and they have one beautiful daughter, Vaida. I can’t really pinpoint the time when I met Cesilee in person but I know I had been hearing about her for a long time!! Many of my friends raved about her makeup skills & then one day one of my senior girls came to her session with this amazing smoky eye and from that moment on I knew I needed her on the Glam Squad! Since then she has been the talent behind many great looks & I really have grown to love and appreciate her skill & her friendship!

Cesilee has always had a love for hair and makeup. She took Cosemtology in high school to get a feel for the industry and was constantly doing hair and makeup for her friends. In 2010, along with her family, they opened up a hair salon in Medicine Hat, Canada. With the shop she was able to attend many hair shows which grew her love for the industry and gave her endless inspiration. In 2015 she took the step to get certified and bring makeup artistry to Havre. She took her certification through Paramita Academy of Makeup in Toronto, Canada. She uses top of the line brands that are tested and true. She is always finding ways to further her skills by learning new tips and following the popular trends. As you will see below she also specializes in the “Smoky Eye”.

“Makeup is not a tool meant to make an ugly thing beautiful, it is meant only to magnify the beauty that already exists”. 

Young girls who have worked with Cesilee described their finished look as: 



Statement Making

You can reach Cesilee by calling (406) 390-3692 or your an find her on Facebook HERE!

Here are some examples of Cesilee’s makeup & hair on some fab girlies from this past year!

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Until Next Time!