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I am so excited to be sharing with you one of my favorite Montana vendors who I worked with personally and want to RAVE about! Tom Metcalfe, with Metcalfe Media, can and will help your business – let me tell you about my experience!

When I first created my website it was an assignment in my college Business Marketing class. I used to create this site & while it was easy to setup and use and free, it wasn’t the most professional looking site. I rocked that site for a good two years before I decided I needed to step up my game. I was actually in the process of looking for a different web-host when I met Tom.

We were both working on a project for Independence Bank – I was photographing the campaign and he was videoing it. It was the first time I had even heard or met anyone local who worked on video. Tom approached me about making a promotional video for me & I was so excited! I meant to launch the video a million times but I just couldn’t find the right time/my life and business was transitioning so fast it was hard to release it and commit to it. BUT I am SO excited to be releasing it today finally!! My hair may be totally different & I am rocking a way larger belly these days (thanks Baby Ohm 😉 ) but the video is still one of my favorite things of all time. A thank you to Megan E. for letting Tom crash her senior session almost three summers ago!! You can find the video at the end of this blog post 😀

During the time of the video I found out Tom also runs a kick-ass business for web design, branding, social media and graphic design – Metcalfe Media!  So I got him on board to make me a new website AND a new logo. The logo you know today is the same logo that Tom created for me – and obviously, I love it!!!! He also customized me my very first professional site and blog. He put in so many tireless hours to make it happen for me, along with answering my three billion questions (no exaggeration). I absolutely LOVED my site and I was so happy I was able to work with Tom to get it up and running.

Tom is one of the most hard-working vendors I have ever worked with. He took every measure to make sure my needs were met and he was super attentive to all my emails and messages. I cannot recommend him enough. If you are needing a new logo, a new website or just have a question about how you could improve your current status – Tom is your guy!!

While I decided to move my website and blog to a different platform it wasn’t because I was displeased with Tom. I just needed something that I made myself! Tom is incredible with his craft (as you will see from the video) & you definitely should reach out to him with any of your needs. SERIOUSLY. TRUST ME!!! Now, check out my video and then send Tom a message today to see how he can help you (& you don’t even have to be local)!!!!

You can reach Tom at any of the following:

Visit his Website here!

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