MR + MRS NORMANDY | A Rustic Country Havre, Montana Wedding

2016 07 26 0028

YA’LL this wedding was insanely beautiful!! For the first time in 2016 it didn’t rain (YAY!) and although they say rain on your wedding day is good luck, I have to say that the sunset that we were given has to be 3x that luck because it was GORGEOUS! Some of my all-time favorite wedding photos are coming from that climb up the Bears Paw mountains hill side. I am so excited to share images of Shelby + Brett’s wedding day!

Shelby and Brett have been together for six years. At their engagement session I had thought to myself, there is no way these two could love each other any more than they do right now. They were SO cute & so in love. Then as I watched Shelby approach Brett during their first look, I proved myself wrong. Love and excitement was beaming out of Brett’s eyes before he even took one look at Shelby. She was stunning. But I personally love the fact, he was full of joy just thinking about her! 

As Shelby was getting buttoned into her dress her mom told us a story. She said, “Brett has talked to us more in the past few days than he has in the six years of dating Shelby. When my husband asked him what the deal was Brett just said, I am just so excited to marry your daughter”. Is everyone swooning? That is the attitude this relationship is built on. Two people who are over the heels in love with each other & who are ready to start their lives together. Who when I asked what they are most excited for on their wedding day they said “tomorrow”. Not because the stress of the day would be done (okay, maybe a little bit) but mostly because when tomorrow came they would officially have begun their love adventure as Mr. and Mrs. Normandy! Cheers to you two, Stormin’ Normans 😀

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Little Shoutout to my pack mule, awesome shot getter, fabulous, beautiful second shooter Brianna Fox!!! It is her birthday today & I just had to show her doing her thang at the Normandy wedding. I am SO thankful for her!!!2016-07-26 00692016-07-26 00702016-07-26 00712016-07-26 00722016-07-26 00732016-07-26 00742016-07-26 00762016-07-26 00772016-07-26 00782016-07-26 00792016-07-26 00802016-07-26 00822016-07-26 00832016-07-26 00842016-07-26 00852016-07-26 00862016-07-26 00872016-07-26 00882016-07-26 00892016-07-26 00902016-07-26 00942016-07-26 00952016-07-26 00962016-07-26 00972016-07-26 00982016-07-26 00992016-07-26 0100This day couldn’t of been possible without the wonderful vendors who took part. Give them some love!

Venue: Camp Kiwanis

Flowers: Shores Floral

Hair and Makeup: Crossroads Hair and Design – Amanda Hammond

Cake: Angela Pratt

Custom Signs: Christie Johnson

Bride’s Dress: David’s Bridal

Men’s Vests: Cavaliers Clothing

Bridesmaid Dresses: Montana Country Boutique

Catering: Cameron Griggs

DJ: Kendall Griggs




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