MR + MRS NYBERG | A Lilac and Sunflower Havre, Montana Wedding

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 BLISS: The best word to describe August 6th, 2016. It was an absolutely beautiful day! Angie and Dustan are two of the most fun-loving, wonderful people I have had the chance to meet. Their wedding day followed suit – fun-loving and SO, SO, SO wonderful!

 As the weather drizzled and grey clouds rolled around in the sky, I spent my morning extremely excited to start photographing Angie and Dustan’s wedding day! I was pumped for two reasons. One because their wedding ceremony was at Fresno Lake and reception at Walleyes Tavern – both locations I have not had the opportunity to shoot a wedding at yet! Secondly, because after photographing Angie and Dustan’s engagement session last summer, I knew I was going to laugh my behind off out of joy at their wedding! 

Walking into the Maxwell home Saturday afternoon you could instantly feel the excitement. Everyone was having a good time and Angie was in the best mood. We photographed the details with lots of help from Angie’s niece, Lily. I think I may be hiring a new assistant, although her four year old height could be a problem when hanging dresses in trees ;). After leaving the Maxwell’s in the best spirits we drove out to Fresno. Dustan was happy, laughing with his buddies and while we got ready for the first look he had the biggest grin on his face. Just to make Dustan happy I will describe their first look as FABULOUS, because that is what it is. These two are SO in love. I loved watching Dustan try to make Angie laugh. Angie looking at Dustan with the biggest hopeful eyes. And when I yelled, “YOU GUYS ARE GETTING MARRIED TODAY” their smiles and eyes went right to each other. 

It was a beautiful ceremony overlooking Fresno Lake. A super fun reception at Walleyes Tavern. And basically the BEST day to celebrate these two lovebirds! I’m so excited to show you the love between these two, their family and friends, and the future they have in store! 

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Thank you to all the vendors who made this day as wonderful as it was!

Reception Venue: The Walleye Tavern

Catering: The Walleye Tavern & Tim and Lance

Flowers: Albertsons

Cake: Amber Ophus

Dresses: David’s Bridal

Tuxes: Cavaliers

Rings: JM Donoven Designs

          Goldsmith Gallery



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