MR + MRS SULLIVAN | A Navy and Blush Bozeman, Montana Wedding

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Gaahhhh!! Friends!!! This wedding!! These people!!! It was so amazing. So, so, so amazing!! Olivia and Tanner tied the knot September 17th & I am excited to finally be showcasing a few more photos!

In the heat of my summer/fall schedule I once again fell behind on blogging (ah!) but I am getting back on track. What a better way to kick off my blogging streak with the beautiful Olivia & dashing Tanner. This wedding day was a little extra special to my heart because of my friendship with Olivia. We met at the Miss Montana pageant in 2014 and I was instantly drawn to her beauty, grace, brilliance and her friendship. Not only through the pageant but through our friendship she has always been encouraging and loving. I was SO ecstatic when I found out Tanner proposed, and even more overjoyed when they told me they wanted to book me to capture their first day of forever.

Their wedding was one of the most beautiful weddings I have attended. The navy blue & blush colors were perfect against the mountains surrounding Bozeman. Olivia looked incredible, she was the most stunning bride! I loved how much excitement was in the air with her bridesmaids as they got ready. They were getting ready in the gorgeous cabin on the Roy’s Barn Property. There was dreamy light and space, so the whole bridal party could be together to celebrate before the celebration! My favorite part of the barn was when Tanner would walk by Olivia, he would cover his eyes and shield himself from seeing her stunning face before the first look. It was precious.

Their first look & couple portraits were ideal. They are so in love it just beams out of them! They were constantly smiling, laughing and loving up on each other. Olivia looks at Tanner with the most hopeful, loving eyes and Tanner reciprocates with the most sincere & adoring ones. I think if you know them at all, you know exactly what I am talking about. These loving looks don’t just happen because it was their wedding day – they happen every day, every time they are together, every minute of every day. It is amazing.

Their ceremony was intimate, touching, fun, and perfect. The reception was one of the most fun receptions to photograph – there were so many people busting a move!! All in all, everyone there was there to celebrate two wonderful people and their day reflected that exactly. Congratulations you two on close to a month of marriage! I am so blessed to have you as friends & to have been able to have been a part of your day!

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And we definitely cannot forget all the vendors who made this beautiful day possible:

Venue: Roy’s Barn and Lodge

Catering: The Bountiful Table

Cupcakes: Sweet Pea Bakery

Flowers: Karen’s Floral Artistry

Dresses: Plume Bridal

Tuxes: After 5 and Weddings

Hair: Zuri Salon – Elly



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