Tip for a Tuesday | Creating Trust With Your Client

We all know what it is like to receive an inquiry from a potential client who, on Facebook, you don’t even have a single mutual friend with. This person is contacting you, most likely, because they like your work. You now have the task of creating the trust in them that you are the perfect fit for their particular need!

It can be scary to put yourself out there to hopefully help this stranger fall in love with you and your work! I know the feeling, and it can be super scary to put yourself out there to help create that trust but it also will be worth it!

One way you can establish trust in your client relationship is to be active on your social media accounts where they are most likely to find you. Post often about who you are, use Instagram stories to help them introduce your regular life, and be as personable and REAL as possible!

Obviously none of us want to share our REAL reality and fill our feeds with us eating a giant bowl of ice cream in our pajamas at 11 am….but you must think of sharing your REAL as creating trust and having your potential client see you as a real person, with real a real life and how you are relatable to them! Now, I am not saying to post a picture of your 7 am bed head, but I am saying to share photos that capture who you are and to write copy for your caption that is going to resonate with your potential clients!

Put yourself in your consumer’s shoes and think, wouldn’t you hire someone you feel connected to because you both share a love for 11 am ice cream indulges over someone you have never really seen a photo of? Thought so.

Another way to create trust in clients who have never met you before is to reach out to them via phone or person. It is SO much easier to get your personality and your thoughts across to someone while using your actual voice than typing out a message or an email. I know personally I am very energetic about what I do & I have a lot of passion in my voice, because I love my job! I want that to come across to my potential client and then I can easily reassure them that I have been in the business for almost seven years, and I have their back!

The final way I would suggest creating trust in your potential clients is to share reviews from your past clients! It can be scary and kind of awkward to reach out to your past clients and ask them for an honest review, but I think you will be surprised with what they have to say! Most people are eager to share their side of the experience and if they had a super positive experience they will LOVE talking about you because they most likely already are!

I hope these few tips helps you build your clientele stronger and faster!

Remember be yourself…but add a little more pizazz behind it! 😀



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