Tip for a Tuesday | Guest Post by Owner of Montana Country Boutique

Are you getting used to these guest blog posts? I know I am! Today Tera, the owner of Montana Country Boutique, is sharing some tips on how to help you choose the perfect wedding dress!!

I am lucky enough to now be related to Tera through Evan & I can definitely say for sure her beautiful boutique has some of the most beautiful gowns in the Havre area!! I asked Tera to guest blog for me because I was unaware when I was looking for a wedding dress that I could’ve found the perfect gown in my hometown, so I wanted to make sure to get Tera on here to share with the world that she has a ton of gorgeous dresses! AND she has some knowledge to share with all you brides on how to help you pick the perfect wedding dress!


How to Pick the Perfect Dress

 “Most of the time the biggest thing to consider in buying your wedding gown is budget. Can you afford a $2000+ designer gown or does something more simple fit your wedding design? I would suggest scrolling through lots of photos and pick dresses apart. When you think you’ve narrowed it down then ask yourself these questions…

Can I sit down comfortably?

Can I dance the night away?

With the fabric be to hot or to cold for the season I am choosing? 

How is the neckline?

While every girl dreams of a strapless look, don’t forget that one time in high school at prom you wore a beautiful strapless dress and was pulling and tugging at it all night long. You don’t want to be doing that on your wedding day! But if you do really love the strapless look, maybe look for a corset style that you can tighten to ensure your not fidgeting.

After you’ve done some research then it is time approach a bridal shop of your choice. Once there, show them the styles you are looking for and even if they don’t have that exact dress, try on the styles they may have that are similar. Then go back to my list of questions when trying them on. Rule out the necklines, fabrics, and styles you don’t love and then see what they have to offer next. Sometimes us shop owners are able to find you the dress or a dress similar to what your looking for within your budget or maybe surprise you with a style you never would have picked on your own.

Next I want to talk about style.  While there are hundreds to choose from, pick something that matches your theme and location you are thinking. Do you see yourself with your train blowing in a soft wind with a beautiful mountain scenery? Or are you more the simple fitted lace gown kinda lady?  Dresses with beautiful long trains are making a come back but if you are planning an outside wedding in middle of a hot summer day keep in mind the fabric weight of the dress, or plan for an air conditioned reception site. No one feels like a princess when she is uncomfortable and sweaty! Sleeves are also making a huge comeback…hello 1990s lol…but they are still gorgeous if you think you can pull it off for a fall or winter wedding. Take it from this winter bride, it’s beautiful and just think of the amazing pictures you will get! But for those of you who want something more simple: lace, chiffon or a simpler A-line might be a better option for you.    

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of dress information and I hope it kind of gets you thinking about what kind of dress you want for your perfect day.  No matter what you choose you will be a beautiful bride and just remember, it’s your day. 

Once you choose your dress the rest simply falls into place.

If you need more info  I would be happy to help you at Montana Country Boutique in Havre.”

– Tera Verploegen, Owner of Montana Country Boutique

You can visit Tera at her boutique located at 309 3rd Avenue in Havre, Montana or you can visit her Facebook page right here!

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