Tip for a Tuesday | Top 3 Programs I Use

There are so many helpful programs out there to help streamline your photography workflow! Today I wanted to outline the three programs I use that I find most helpful in my business!

  1. Photomechanic

This is a serious game changer for me as a photographer! Unlike Lightroom or Adobe Bridge, Photomechanic allows you to cull your photos extremely fast! One of my favorite features about it is that you don’t have to wait for all the photos to load onto your computer before you can start sorting. This comes in super handy after weddings! I can start my upload from my SD cards to my computer/external hard drives AND immediately start culling. Photomechanic just uses previews of the images, so instead of fully loading your RAW images, it is basically loading just a preview. That way you can click through your images in light speed!

You can purchase Photomechanic right here!

2. Blogstomp

Before I discovered Blogstomp I was having to pull the photos I wished to blog or preview on Facebook into Photoshop to resize, or export them from Lightroom with special settings. After finding the amazing-ness of Blogstomp, I am able to keep my Lightroom settings basically the same for all my sessions and THEN drop them into Blogstomp for resizing. While it sounds like an extra step, I promise you it will blow your mind at it’s quickness! You can easily put images together in collages and pairs & Blogstomp does the instant resizing for you the moment you press ENTER! I can now “stomp” a whole blog post in just a few minutes AND in the order I would prefer them to be in for viewing the blog!

You can purchase Blogstomp right here!

3. Dubsado

  I found Dubsado a little over 8 months or so & it has completely changed my workflow! I was using 17Hats before, and while I did like their system, I didn’t LOVE it. But for the purpose of this post, I will just generalize why having a client system is so important! AUTOMATION!!!! I can set up for my system to send my clients reminder emails about payments, their upcoming sessions, styling tips, thank you emails, and even the contract and invoices! This means I don’t have to send every single one of those individually….to 100 people! I can just set my client up, decide what workflow they fall under, apply the workflow & then spend my time somewhere else…like editing my client’s images or actually out on a session!

You can check out Dubsado right here!

I hope you found this post informative & hopefully if you haven’t already implemented these three things into your photography business you will consider it now!!


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