Why you should hire a CPA

Tax season is finally over! For lots of us, tax season is a scary and stressful time of year. Especially for small businesses! Hopefully you have good systems in place to help you throughout the year to make tax season for you a breeze. Me? I have systems but numbers are just NOT my thing! For the first 6 years of my business I used HR Block for my taxes. They did a wonderful job and I had a great experience (well as great as you can have when you are paying taxes lol)! This past year I decided it was important to me to get year round help and it was the best decision I have made in my business!

I chose to hire Lindsey Kellam, CPA who works at Scharfe Kato + Co in Havre, MT. She has been the biggest help to my business! I would tell you how many times I sent her emails this past year but I would be too embarrassed, especially because most of those emails said “OOPS IM SORRY” “I’M A DUMMY” “DON’T HATE ME” haha I am NOT money minded and Lindsey really takes that off my shoulders.

Hiring a CPA will do a few things for you:

  • It takes the stress off your shoulders in SO many different ways
  • They can do your payroll for you + all the reports that go along with it
  • They organize, complete and file your taxes for you.
  • They are there year round to answer questions and to help you
  • They are a WEALTH of knowledge about all things business and taxes. Lindsey has been a Godsend when it has come to switching my business tax ID, having a business in two states and chatting with her about a new business I have up my sleeve….(don’t spill the beans, Lindsey 😉 )

It really has been the best investment I could have made in my business. I love running my business with the mindset that I cannot do it all. Nor do I have to! It is their job and their passion to help with our taxes! You actually would be doing someone a favor by helping them live out their dream by hiring them as your CPA! (too far?! lol)

I love Lindsey and the crew at Scharfe Kato + Co. a whole lot! I asked if they are taking new clients and they said they are!! They can take clients from anywhere in the US + are just a phone call away. Their number is 406- 265-1254. If they don’t seem like the right fit for you, totally cool, but I encourage you to find someone you do click with and let them help you thrive!


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