7 Things You Should NOT Do With Your Engagement Ring

Have you ever thought, “I wonder what I am NOT supposed to do with my engagement/wedding ring”. Well this blog post is for you! I consulted one of my best friends, Lisa, who has worked with JM Donoven Designs and Fine Jewelry for four years. She told me some amazing tips, some funny stories, and some things I did not know when it comes to wearing your engagement ring and I thought it is important to share!


  1. You should NOT: Wear your ring into pools. The chlorine and chemicals are bad for the metal!
  2. You should NOT: Wear your ring while gardening and doing yard work. The dirt, rocks, and sand are abrasive and you could catch your prongs on things and lose your diamonds, scratch up your metal, or even bend your ring! Lisa says, “Wouldn’t you hate to lose your ring while landscaping in the garden and then find it 10 years later with a carrot grown through it? Well I guess you would then be happy because you would have found your ring!” Hahaha
  3.  You should NOT: Wear your ring while preg checking cows! You could lose your beautiful ring inside the cow and it will never be found!…..YEP that is a true story from a client of Lisa’s! Her Client was not wearing gloves while checking that momma cow…
  4. You should NOT: Wear your ring while cleaning! Chemicals are VERY hard on your fine jewelry. Even if you wear gloves, the silicone gloves are abrasive and can wear your prongs out. Even laundry, surprisingly is a no-no! The fibers in your sheets wear out your prongs! Also, lots of people whack their ring off the washer and dryer and hurt their prongs and center stones! (Side note: while I was working in the costume department at Fort Peck Summer Theatre, my stone was ripped from my ring from handling the clothes!! Watch out for those fibers)!
  5. You should NOT: Wear your ring while weight lifting! Your ring will get extremely beat up on the shank from all the scratching while lifting weights. You even have the potential of bending your band and risking jiggling your stone loose!
  6. You should NOT: Wear your ring while you put on lotion! This is the quickest way to gunk up your ring. Lotion dulls the sparkle of your ring and the lotion very easily gets stuck under your prong structure and will make your ring look very dirty and not sparkly!
  7. You should NOT: Wear your ring while making meat loaf, meatballs, kneading bread dough, – basically cooking and baking with your hands! All that food and gunk will get caught in your ring. Not only will it look gross and grimy, but the amount of bacteria that can grow on your ring is crazy! Lisa says, “We have to use the steamer to shoot out all sorts of food and gunk at the store all the time!”

Lisa recommends getting your ring cleaned and checked every few months! It is a lot easier to swing in and get it checked and re-sparkled then to lose your diamond and have to come shopping for a new one!

Did you read some of these and say, “But Mary, I WANT to wear my ring while I do some of these things!” Then my suggestion to you would be to get yourself a rubber ring! JM Donoven carries both women and mens options! I myself have two stackable and I love them! I wear mine all the time. I wore it the majority of my pregnancy too because my hands were always hot and swollen! More uses than just to keep your diamond safe!

I hope this helps you keep your ring shiny, sparkly, and in-tact!


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