A Tip for A Tuesday | For the Bride: Help your Photographer

bridetip1Brides, this one is for you! With all the planning and organizing that goes into making your wedding day perfect, I want to make sure you can take away the absolutely most beautiful memories from that day. After the final song is played and your guest finally (and probably reluctantly) go home, your gifts will be unwrapped and stored, your cake will be thrown away, your dress will be cleaned and stored, your flowers will wilt and all you will be left with is your super handsome husband, your memories, and your photographs! 

Today I want to share some tips with you to help create an ideal space for photographing parts of your day. Now I want to mention that this is not always possible, and I promise no matter the situation, you will receive your beautiful images to relive the day with, but these few tips, if implemented can really help enhance your photo experience.

The Details

I start every wedding off with a big hug to you & then I swiftly start my “warm up” by photographing your details. Two things you can help your photographer with prepping your details are:

  1. Gather your details beforehand. There is nothing worse than having to pull the Bride out of hair and makeup to have her gather her shoes, rings, and accessories. The night before place all of your details in a special place (I used my wedding shoe box!) so all your photographer has to do it pick it up and go! Some details you may include would be: your shoes, invitation suite, rings, earrings, necklace, heirlooms, perfume, etc.
  2. Think about the extras. Depending on the theme or “look” of your wedding you might have a few additional things you might want to include. Some of these items might be simple such as your bridal bouquet or boutonnieres or your handwritten vows. Another example would be if you are having a rustic theme wedding, to include in your box a wood round or spool of lace! 


Getting Ready Room

After photographing all your pretty details the next step would be to photograph you getting ready. I have two tips to help create an ideal photography setting for these images.

  1. Light Matters! When deciding where to get ready on your wedding day, keep in mind the amount of natural light in the room. I am a natural light photographer so ideally the room would have big windows and lots of natural light flooding the room!
  2. Have your Mom and Bridesmaids get dressed early! Most likely these are the people who will be close to you while you get ready. It is really important that they look like a million bucks in the photos as well! So make sure they get dressed before  you put on your dress!
  3. Refrain from putting on your jewelry. It is important to let your photographer capture the moment of you putting on your shoes, earrings and final touches. These are the last few moments you will be a Miss. There is so much emotion and excitement in these images. 


First Look

I am a huge advocate for the First Look because of all the benefits and stress relievers it can bring. For those of you who may be thinking, “Mary, what the heck is a First Look?!” It is a romantic, intimate time for you to see your Groom BEFORE you walk down the aisle. This is a game changing tradition and I highly recommend it for all my couples.

Why you ask? When you decide to do a first look you will get a few things:

You get a moment alone with your soon-to-be-husband in complete PRIVACY! He can actually touch you, hug you, kiss you and tell you how beautiful you look. You can share this moment together, ease each others nerves and it completely takes the pressure off of you both.

You also receive 40% more portraits when you opt for a first look! This is the best option for the couples who are investing in wedding photography because they want intimate & amazing portraits of the two of you. This allows us to double our time together during portraits allowing you to get almost double the amount of photos of you two in your gallery!

You get to hang out with your Groom for most of your wedding day! Seriously, how awesome is that? Instead of seeing him at the ceremony & reception hours only, now you are literally spending your first day of forever, almost completely together! How amazing is that?


So just mull those thoughts over while you start deciding on locations & timelines for your wedding day! That’s all for this week’s tips. 



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