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Hi friends! Welcome back to the blog. I am back on my writing train for my off season and have a goal to keep my blogging up for the rest of the year…we will see! 😀 I wanted to start my 2019 blogging off with a little introduction of myself and my team! Holly + Bri will have their introductions in the next two weeks, but for now I wanted to give a quick “hello” to those who may be first time blog readers! I am Mary, the owner of Merry Character Photography. I am an army wife, a mom to a sweet 10 month old, a learning cook, a traveling fool, and someone who is really passionate about kindness!

Usually when I do these introductory blog posts it’s pretty fluffy with just random stuff about me and what I like to do…but today I wanted to touch on something a little rougher. I wanted to share a few “unflattering” parts about me. I feel like everyone (including myself) always shares the fun, the funny and quirky things about themselves but we never really share the hard and the ugly! I believe in sharing the hard and the ugly can help strangers on the internet see that we are real people, help people get to know the real us, and to realize that everyone has hardships!

So I thought I would kick this off with sharing a few things about myself that I don’t talk about very often.


I am an anxious person. It is usually about the future things I have no control over. I worry about tragedies, natural disasters, death and scary things WAY more than a normal person. I get anxious doing just about anything because of my absurd worries. For example, last night the smoke detector went off because it needs to be replaced and I was awake for a good 45 minutes planning on what I would do if the house was on fire….really soothing 😉 I obviously have figured out ways to just ignore it, but they are definitely there. I worry about our future all the time because I am a planner, and this army life ain’t built for a planner LOL


I cannot handle it when people are mad at me or if I think someone might be upset with me or thinking bad of me. If something like that happens, I am a huge puddle of tears and have a  really hard time moving past it. Right now I am still brooding & being anxious about something that happened with someone 6 months ago that we resolved.


I have a  hard time kicking a bad mood. I know I come off as super bubbly and outgoing, but I do have bad days and bad moods and when I do I have a  really hard time kicking the ‘tude. When I am in a bad mood I find that hardly anything can cheer me up and almost everything makes me more upset!


I am self-conscious. I could care less if you like my hair, my clothes, my home, my life – those aren’t things I am self-conscious about. I am self-conscious toward who I am. I get nervous and well, self-conscious about whether or not I am doing enough, being enough, working hard enough. I am pretty hard on myself and set expectations for myself pretty high.


I fall into the pit of comparison more than I should. This mostly happens with my business, but it has been very true since becoming a mom. I’ve actively been working on stopping comparing my work and my life. If I catch myself being a little mean to myself and comparing my “life” to someone else’s “life” (life is in quotes because social media ain’t real, homies), then I decide following that person isn’t good for me & I unfollow. Most of those people I cannot even remember who they were today, which means they were not making a good impact in my life. While I am actively working on this, it is still really hard on me.

So there you go. Five things about me you probably didn’t know ( + probably didn’t need to know lol) but I think is important to share. I can share all the flavors of ice cream I love, the places I love to shop, the food I like to eat, my family and what I like to do, but I think if we were to sit down and really have a one-on-one conversation about ME, I think the above are some of the things I would talk about. We are human around here and I think celebrating our “flaws” are important. Here is how I celebrate these flaws of mine:

  1. My anxious personality has me prepared for some of the most extreme situations.
  2. This means my heart is really open & people are important to me.
  3. I am a normal human with more than just happy feelings, and that is okay
  4. I want to improve myself and it is important to me to live a full life!
  5. I believe I can give more + just because I am not doing that now, doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future.

What is one of your “flaws” and how do you celebrate it? No need to share to soc meeds, but I think it is important to acknowledge!

Hugs friends,


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