Montana Fall Hi-Line Wedding

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Brenna and Cody Ramberg | 09.25.2021 | Joplin, Montana

When you think of the perfect fall day on the Montana hi-line, what do you think of? Right now I think of Brenna and Cody’s wedding day. The sun was shining over the low rolling fields with just a speckle of clouds dotting the sky. Mother Nature let her winds blow so the fields were rustling in the breeze, which maybe made it hard to have any loose hairs down, but it did make the unusually hot September day a little cooler. Just the epitome of perfect fall weather….which for a late fall in Montana we could have 8 inches of snow and below zero temps…so I think we had some perfect luck!

The type of energy that Brenna and Cody have between each other is something I really have struggled to describe. They are so tender and sweet with each other with this level of playfulness and joy that is really hard to tack down. I didn’t get the chance to see them together before their wedding day because of scheduling conflicts, Holly did their engagement session (you are the best Holl!!). So I always am a little nervous walking into wedding days where I haven’t actually seen the couple together because you just never know. My worries were ushered aside as soon as I met Cody. His energy was infectious, he was SO excited to see Brenna. The minute he turned around and saw Brenna you could actually feel their anxious energy just melt away. From that moment forward they were just giggling and lovin’ on each other. The perfect start to what would be a really wonderful day!

The day kept unfolding as you would imagine after reading how much energy and excitement Brenna and Cody had. Their big bridal party rolled up in two limos, being the best hype crew you could ask for. Also, just wait until you see the bridesmaids’ dresses – they are velvet and amazing and I want every single one of them!!! 

To add onto the already perfect weather, just picture this scene if you have ever been to Joplin, MT or really anywhere on the hi-line. Wheat field, perfectly cut with an aisle and opening for guests to sit. A handmade mountain arbor set picturesque against the Sweet Grass Hills. Blue skies all around with the wheat blowing in the wind and hay bales lining the aisle. Perfect, am I right? And as you would guess at this point of my retelling of the day, their ceremony was exactly as expected – perfect. Sweet handwritten vows, a blending of wines, a few great laughs, and one kiss to seal the deal! Back down the aisle they went as Mrs and Mr Ramberg! 

Their reception was hyped up to me the week leading up to it. Whenever I said I was photographing the Ramberg wedding someone would say, “Oh, that is going to be a party!” They were not wrong! People were just JAZZED to be there and I was all for it! Brenna and Cody also made the wonderful and forever my favorite decision to have pronto pups as part of their dinner and I can never thank them enough for making my dreams come true (😝)! Oh and there was a pickle bar and a donut wall too. Sounds like a perfect eating day for me! 

Some other highlights I just wanted to mention were the slideshow Cody created for Brenna of their relationship. This is something I have never seen done at a wedding in my 10 years. He is so proud of his wife and it absolutely showed on their wedding day! I also loved listening to the live band, the speeches by their best friends, and spending a quick 5 minutes with them in the field outside the reception space in the perfect fall sunset. If you are still with me, I hope you are thinking “Wow, that was really a great day” and you would be absolutely, positively, 1000% correct.

Congratulations, Brenna and Cody Ramberg! Enjoy reliving the best first day ever!

VENDORS I LOVED WORKING WITH | FLOWERS: The Bride, Brenna! | DONUTS: Gary and Leos IGA (the best donuts in the world) | BAND: Ten Years Gone | HAIR AND MAKEUP: Alexis Erickson | CATERING: Sugar Shack and Dale Dahlke | GOWN: Mimi’s Bridal | BRIDESMAIDS: Baltic Born | EARRINGS: Dream Elephant Store

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