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Jamie and Stephen | Phoenix, Arizona | The Duce | 11.01.2021

The sun rose one week ago with just a few faint clouds peppering the Arizona sky. It was an absolutely gorgeous November day as Stephen and Jamie started to get ready for their big day. It was really fun to see them both together that morning. I had asked Stephen as he was walking me up to the suite if he was nervous, and he just replied, “No, no, not nervous but very excited!” I guess when you are used to standing in front of thousands of people on stage, it isn’t quite as nerve-racking to marry your best friend in front of your closest family and friends. 

Family and friends bustled around the airbnb, snacking and laughing as they all got ready. Tucked away in a room, Jamie and Stephen helped each other with their ties and vests. Sharing in jokes and the biggest grins as they admired each other. They sure did look freaking dapper in their custom made suits and shoes! I never have experienced a couple getting ready together and it was absolutely beautiful. Your wedding day goes by so quickly, taking this opportunity to be together was absolutely brilliant! 

When I arrived at The Duce, in downtown Phoenix, I was not at all surprised that it was totally rad. If you know Jamie and Stephen then you know they are fun and up for having everyone around them laughing and enjoying themselves. What I wasn’t ready for was the amazing boxing ring and layers to The Duce. So many different pockets of fun hidden in there – one of my favorites being the bleachers! *see photos below*

Guests from all over the country started to pile in, snagging cocktails and mingling. As they all started filling the seats for the ceremony, you could feel the anticipation coming from them. When Jamie walked out with his dad, I think that is probably when the tears started flowing. Hand-in-hand, he walked with his father. Then Stephen stepped out with his parents, smiling hard as he held his tears back. A personalized and great speech made the ceremony extra special; with an Apache Blessing read by Stephen’s dad and a note about friendship by a good friend.  Their personalized vows made the whole room laugh and cry. They both expressed from the moment they met each other, they knew they would be married. Shanna talked about how people come into your life at the perfect time and for a reason, and I think Stephen and Jamie’s was definitely meant to be. 

The rest of the evening was just straight up fun. There is not another word to describe it. With speeches from their siblings and closest friends & dinner served at stations all night long (those Mac and cheese muffins were BOMB) to getting to see almost every single person at the wedding dancing on the dance floor – it was perfection. My favorite part though was the boxing ring. I am not sure I have ever laughed so hard at a reception as I did watching Jamie and Stephen sumo wrestle each other as my time with them came to a close. 

I said it before and I will say it again, to know Jamie and Stephen is to have a friend you didn’t know you needed. It is having someone support you from afar (or nearby if you are lucky enough) and someone to pour encouragement into you. They are both brilliantly talented actors with careers and dreams I know they will reach to the fullest – but the best thing they have in life by far, is each other.

Congratulations my sweet friends! I love you both dearly!

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