Montana meets Alaska Wedding | Haley + Ryan Reeves

Haley and Ryan Reeves 

est. 04/27/2019

I can remember where I was sitting when I realized Haley and Ryan were going to be together forever. It is kind of surreal watching your best friend fall in love and find the route for her life. When Haley met Ryan it is kind of like her world flipped upside down, and I mean that in the best way possible. She started thinking long term, she started asking questions about what she wants her future to look like and she ran with it. She decided to jump all in and it was the best decision of her life! They both jumped all in for reals, for real on Saturday as they tied the knot in the beautiful Big Sky Country, Montana!

Haley is definitely the most down to earth bride I have LITERALLY ever met. If you know her personally you know that is just how she is. She is very chill, usually always late, and can light up a room by just walking into it – and that is exactly how her wedding day went too – minus the being late part…LOL Saturday was surprisingly very chilly and we got to see all of Mother Nature as it hailed during their first look, was bright and sunny during their portraits and then super windy and freezing during bridal party portraits! As we drove home after the reception is was snowing so hard it felt like I was in Star Wars! But none of the weather changed the joy and love that surrounded Haley and Ryan.

People flew in literally from across the world to help them celebrate! Family and friends who have been able to see a piece of Haley and Ryan’s hearts were there to celebrate them and it was the absolute best. I feel so honored to have her as my best friend because she has been my…well I can’t think of a better word than parachute packer, since we were in sixth grade. SIXTH GRADE we spent every class, every day after school and 98% of weekends together. We were inseparable. While now our friendship looks a little different being a four hour time difference, one baby, and two husbands different, WE are the same people. Ryan is one of the luckiest guys in the world because he gets to experience the bliss of Haley every day. I know how wonderful that is because I have experienced it myself.

Ryan and Haley are going to live an amazing life together. I am lucky enough to be able to watch and share in that life with them + I have never felt more heart exploding! Love you both so much. STAND UP AND RAISE YOUR GLASS, THE REEVES GOT MARRIED LET’S SAY CONGRATS!!

One huge shoutout to my girls Bri and Holly who did 98% of the photographing so I could be the Matron of Honor.

I appreciate you both SO much and you both did an amazing job!

How cute is this?! Her Grandpa hopped in the car to bring the top down! It was such a sweet moment!

A huge thank you to the vendors who helped make this day possible:

Organization + Coordination: Meg Lippy

Wedding Planner/ Event Design: Angela Pratt

Ceremony Venue: Saint John Paul II Catholic Church

Reception Venue: Diamond B Weddings

Flowers: Angela Pratt

Desserts: Angela Pratt

Dresses: The Brides Shoppe

Tuxes: J Scott Couture

DJ: Casey Pratt

Food: Burt Eickert

Hair: Keelie Beard

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