An Alaskan Glacier Engagement | Haley + Ryan

YOU GUYS!! The wedding I’ve been waiting for since I was in sixth grade is here. I cannot believe my best friend is getting married on Saturday! Just the other day I was going through some papers and found a note that said something along the lines of “If Haley Lippy is ever about to marry an jerk, bad guy, or moron she gives you permission to crash the wedding”  signed by 13 year old Haley – totally hilarious! I am happy to report Ryan is none of those things and is one of the best humans I have ever met, so I will not be crashing the wedding rather I will be crying a lot of happy tears and dancing my butt off on their reception dance floor!

Back in September, Isla and I flew up to Wrangell, Alaska to see Haley and Ryan and so I could take their engagement photos. Let me just tell you, if you have never been to Alaska, put it on your bucket list right now! Just flying in was a magical experience!! Wrangell is a island on the lower arm of Alaska. Ryan is a commercial fisherman and so we got to spend time on his boat which was one of the coolest experiences of my life. I think I said the phrase “YOU LIVE HERE! THIS IS YOUR JOB!” over 100 times to them both! Haha

On their engagement picture day we suited up – quite literally and look a little river boat 2 hours up river to glaciers. REAL MASSIVE AMAZING GLACIERS! I have never been in more awe. One of the best and coolest experiences. You do not realize how massive those pieces of ice really are until you are in a tiny boat right next to them! CRAZY! We were able to capture some of my all time favorite portraits at the glaciers + then we rode back to the island for some more photos.

Haley and Ryan are such amazing people when you view them alone. They both are kind, funny, giving, gracious, personable…you get the point. Rockstars. So when they are together they are like an unstoppable force. To see my best friend so in love and being loved by such a good man is such a win. I am SO freaking jazzed for them and be on the lookout for their wedding blog one week from today!

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