MR + MRS CHRISTIAN | A Pink and Grey Havre, Montana Wedding

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Let me just freak out once again that I am sharing a fabulous wedding with y’all because IT’S PINK AND PRETTY AND PERFECT!!! I am so happy I was able to be there to capture Katie and Tony’s wedding day. It had so many of my favorites in it – including a lot of pink!!

But August 20th, 2016 was more than just a wedding day. It was a start for a forever love story with not only Katie and Tony but with Kira too. Watching Tony interact with Kira made both Bri and my hearts just melt. He was so sweet and loving to her, including her in all the photos and taking time to make both his girls feel special. You could just tell Kira was excited to be tickled, loved and cherished by Tony. I loved watching the three of them cuddle into a hug right after the first look & how Katie and Tony tried to include Kira in the first dance, and although she refused, she stared at the the whole song with wide eyes.

As for Tony + Katie, they are already so comfortable and ready to start their forever. Their day was full of my favorite things: Pink flowers, fun friends, live music, and DONUTS!! The day was beautiful out at Prairie Farms; there was a light breeze which kept the mosquitos away and kept us from roasting in the hot sun. The golf course is still lush and green (& full of golfers!!) and made for the perfect backdrop for the ceremony. The day was full of happiness and content. Everyone seems so relaxed and ready for this marriage to happen. There were no jitters or fuss – just bliss! I am so excited to share their day with you!!

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This was totally Katie’s idea because her colors fit the Bridesmaids movie cover so well – we just added one more bridesmaid! These girls rocked!christian2016 08 21 0004christian2016-08-24 0100christian2016-08-24 0101christian2016-08-24 0102christian2016-08-24 0103christian2016-08-24 0104christian2016-08-24 0105christian2016-08-24 0106christian2016-08-24 0107christian2016-08-24 0108christian2016-08-24 0109christian2016-08-24 0110christian2016-08-24 0111christian2016-08-24 0112christian2016-08-24 0113christian2016-08-24 0114christian2016-08-24 0115christian2016-08-24 0116christian2016-08-24 0117christian2016-08-24 0118christian2016-08-24 0119christian2016-08-24 0120christian2016-08-24 0121christian2016-08-24 0122christian2016-08-24 0123christian2016-08-24 0124christian2016-08-24 0125christian2016-08-24 0126christian2016-08-24 0127

Yes, the rings were delivered via Cracker Jack…it was hilarious!christian2016-08-24 0128christian2016-08-24 0129christian2016-08-24 0130christian2016-08-24 0131christian2016-08-24 0132christian2016-08-24 0133christian2016-08-24 0134christian2016-08-24 0135christian2016-08-24 0136christian2016-08-24 0137christian2016-08-24 0138christian2016-08-24 0139christian2016-08-24 0140christian2016-08-24 0141christian2016-08-24 0142christian2016-08-24 0143christian2016-08-24 0144christian2016-08-24 0145christian2016-08-24 0146christian2016-08-24 0147christian2016-08-24 0148A

A special part of the day I didn’t want to be missed was the honoring of Katie’s father, Joe, who passed away a few years ago. I never met Joe, but the way everyone spoke about him and how wonderful of a person Katie is confirms he was a wonderful man. Although Joe couldn’t be there in person to help celebrate the day, his spirit was alive in the family and friends that surrounded Katie and Tony. Two special aspects of the day Katie incorporated to honor her father & include him in her day is the picture of Joe on her bridal bouquet and the bouquet of flowers at the ceremony. She also had her brother walk her down the aisle & every man who helped her get where she is today dance with her for the father/daughter dance. It was incredibly touching, beautiful, and emotional. The following individuals are those who Joe’s spirit shines through to be with Katie on her wedding day.christian2016-08-24 0149christian2016-08-24 0150christian2016-08-24 0151christian2016-08-24 0152christian2016-08-24 0153christian2016-08-24 0154christian2016-08-24 0155christian2016-08-24 0156christian2016-08-24 0157christian2016-08-24 0158christian2016-08-24 0159christian2016-08-24 0160christian2016-08-24 0161christian2016-08-24 0162christian2016-08-24 0163christian2016-08-24 0164

A special thanks to the following vendors for being awesome at what they do:

Venue: Prairie Farm Golf Course

Catering: The Walleye Tavern

Dress: Rococo Bridal

Tuxes: Cavaliers Clothing

Hair & Makeup: Natalen Kinsella – Top Hat Salon

Donuts: Gary & Leos IGA



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