MR + MRS WAID | A Country + Rustic Red Montana Wedding

This past weekend I had the great honor of photographing the marriage of Kayla & Layne!!!! It couldn’t have been a prettier and more wonderful day. The sun was shining, there was laughter, the love was strong in the air, and two of the best people finally got to become HUSBAND & WIFE!!

 Layne and my husband, Evan, go waaaaay back – like back to the day Layne was born! As cousins they have a ton of memories and life under their belts, including Layne being the best man in our wedding! Evan even played a part in getting Layne down to Kentucky so Layne could see Kayla for the second time!

The first time they saw each other was when Kayla & Layne met by fate in Vegas. After a long five hour walk along the strip, chatting and realizing she found the cowboy of her dreams they had to part ways; Kayla back to Kentucky & Layne to Montana. They talked every day on the phone & eventually Evan convinced Layne to road trip down to Kentucky. After that, Kayla made a trip to Montana. Then eventually Layne moved to Kentucky. Then together they moved back to Montana. Then one gorgeous day last June Layne got down on one knee and proposed to Kayla with a gorgeous, custom made ring! That one night in Vegas brought these two wonderful people together & a couple hundred people to the Waid Ranch last Saturday to watch these two finally tie the knot!

One time when Kayla and I were hanging out she told me her side of the story. She told me she was in Vegas with her family and had just recently gotten out of a relationship. She said she had a list of qualities she wanted in a guy and Layne checked off every single one of those boxes. She said she knew right then he was meant to be hers! As they planned the wedding, everything fell in line. They built an incredible venue at the Waid Ranch, making all Kayla’s ideas come to life. They built a stage for the bad, turned an old caving shed into a food barn & bar, they built a HUGE dance floor and the ceremony site! It was made with a lot of sweat (hello 100 degree weather), lots of laughs and even more love.

Wedding day came and I kept hearing Kayla say, “This is exactly what I’ve dreamed about”! Every detail was perfect. Especially the part about Layne and Kayla forever being joined together in marriage!

I’m so happy to have been able to capture a little snippet of the day & to finally be able to call Kayla family!!

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