An Open Letter to my Husband | Our 1st Anniversary

This past year has definitely been the most wild one of my whole entire life.

We spent more time apart in our first year of marriage than together and we experienced some of life’s greatest joys thousand of miles apart. Looking back at the year I don’t really remember all the late night calls, kajillion text messages exchanged, and FaceTime dates to keep in touch, but I vividly remember all the moments we were able to spend together, in person. Those days when you were home made all the days we were separated worth it. I would never take those days back & I am so thankful we’ve made it through one year of marriage!

I want to thank you for being the most giving and selfless person I know. For spending every day available for leave with me. For flying across the country more than once during your extremely stressful schedule to see me. For sending me gifts when you knew I needed a pick me up. For loving me hard and being the backbone I need. For being constantly supportive of my career & cheering me on, even when it took away time from you. I want to thank you for being so much more than what I thought a husband could be. For chasing your dreams but always keeping a close hand on me and my heart. For making me laugh, cry, and dream with you. For knowing me better than I know myself. And for picking me to marry.

Remember when you came to visit in September and I was super busy with work and we were early in the first trimester of this pregnancy? We spent more time with me napping than doing anything else your whole trip and you just patiently sat with me while I slept. You didn’t go hang out with your friends or complain about how much I was sleeping, you just snuggled up next to me and waited out my slumber. It makes me tear up…knowing how much you just wanted to spend time with me. Even if I was sleeping.

Although this year was filled with a lot of joy, it was also really tough. It was really tough to spend eight months without you. It was really tough to go to our first ultrasound and not have you there to hold my hand and hear the precious sound of our baby’s heartbeat in the flesh. It was challenging to make decisions that would keep me away from you for a few more months as you went into training…only to get your training moved and know we could’ve spent those months together. It was tough when I was an emotional hurricane and took it out on you. It was tough when I would spend weeks worrying about you in your trainings, praying you were safe & healthy. It was tough not being able to hug you whenever I wanted & to have FaceTime be the only way I could see your handsome face. It was tough being apart. It was tough.

But we got through it.

I truly believe that we ended up together because God knew that we could do this. He placed these challenges in our lives to watch us dominate them. He tested us this year to give us a taste of what may be in store for us with your military career. He knew what we were capable before we even knew we could do it.

And what I know from this year…this wonderful, chaotic, emotional year…is that you are the only person I want to do spend the rest of my life with. You are the only person I want to come home to and wrap my arms around…even if home takes a few months to get to. I love you more and more everyday and I am so proud to be your wife.

Happy first anniversary, stud muffin! Here’s to the next 70.


Your Girl

The images above were taken by our wonderful wedding photographers from Sara Jeanne Photography


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