Reflecting on 2016 & Looking Ahead to 2017 | Personal Post

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As 2016 comes to a close, I’ve been looking back at all the wonderful opportunities, the amazing adventures, the sad losses, and the journey that 2017 will be. This year has been unlike any other I’ve ever had & I am letting the door to 2016 shut and leaping into 2017. I thought an update was necessary to let everyone know what this year meant to me & what is happening for the next 365 days!

The biggest news of 2016 was Evan and my engagement!!! It was the greatest moment of my year; knowing I get to spend everyday for the rest of my life adventuring with my best friend, it’s the most wonderful feeling! Along with our engagement, we also celebrated my older sister, Kate, and new brother-in-law, Austin’s wedding in December, one of my best friends welcomed a beautiful baby girl that I’ve been able to watch grow, I’ve traveled to the West Coast for two unforgettable trips, I was incredibly blessed to be able to celebrate with 12 couples this summer to photograph their first day of forever, & had the most amazing year for my business – with over 250 sessions for families, seniors, newborns, kiddos, and events! It was so much fun being able to be a part of all of your lives!

Along with all of the great moments, there were a few slums. We had to say goodbye to my Grandma Audrey this summer & in November we had to say goodbye to one of my favorite people, my Grandpa Lloyd. It was two of the hardest things I’ve had to do & my heart still doesn’t feel the same. Throughout all of our sadness we were able to find a light. Both of their funerals brought our whole family together. We spent more time together this year than I remember ever spending with them before. We created new memories, laughed, cried, and remember how much family truly means. We cherish the photos we have taken with and of my Grandparents over the years, especially the photos with my Grandpa after my Grandma’s memorial. It was an awakening to me and reestablished my belief in the purpose of my job as a photographer. The photographs I have of my Grandparents are now one of my greatest possessions. Every photograph I take is a moment in time that can never be changed. Photographs bring us back to a time in our lives, they remind us where our family came from, and can bring back feelings and emotions like nothing else. That is the light from the darkness. My grandparents may no longer be with us, but they left us with photographs, memories, & our family to continue the joy and love they instilled in us. A goal of mine for 2017 is to remember this every time I press the shutter. That the job I am doing will be someone’s most precious possession.

2016 has been a whirlwind. I am very excited to be jumping into 2017, because I already know it is going to be one of the most adventurous! I have caught wind of a few rumors floating around about where and when I am leaving & what I am doing with my business. I thought it would be best to type out my next year, so if you are curious when I will be around or where I will be, this will answer all your questions!

January: I will be in Havre! Wedding planning, photographing adorable faces, & living with my new roommates, I call them Mom & Dad 😀

February: I will still be in Havre! Crunch time with the wedding plans, photographing more wonderful people, & living with Ma & Pops!

March: IT’S WEDDING TIME!!! Then immediately I will be heading to North Carolina for a few months.

April: Hanging out in North Carolina with my husband 😀

May: I will be in North Carolina, then Oregon, then Spokane, then Fort Peck, MT! 

June: I will be in Fort Peck acting until the 22nd – come see the show! 😀

July-October: I will be in Havre, back to what I love -photographing lots of beautiful people & fabulous #bemerryed couples!

October ish: I will be packing up the last of my belongings and officially moving to North Carolina!

BUT DON’T FRET, FRIENDS!!! I may be moving, but my heart and family are still in Montana. That means every Christmas when I am home, I will let social media know and we can set up a session. Scratch that, ANY time I am home, I will be setting up sessions! 

Also, if you are a BRIDE planning your wedding for 2018 & thought you might want me to capture your wedding day- you’re in luck! I will forever and ever photograph weddings anywhere and everywhere! I would be honored to be in Montana (or whatever location you choose) for your day – so let’s get chatting 😀 2017 Brides, we can chat too – it’s a great year to be married (I’m no biased or anything)! 😉 

In the end, I hope this super long post answered questions for some of you….but I bet for most of you it was just a time passer 😀 I really am thankful for all the opportunities 2016 brought into my life. I am ready to jump head first into 2017 with big smiles knowing I have so many friends & family praying and cheering us on. It’ll be a good one, y’all!

P.S. As requested, I am sharing some more engagement pictures by the fabulous Sara Jeanne Photography. I am so lucky Sara came into my life. She is the greatest mentor, sounding board, friend, & photographer! I couldn’t think of anyone else to photograph the biggest adventure of our lives! We love you, Sara!

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