Mr + Mrs Galland | A Snowy Purple + Blush Havre, Montana Wedding

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January twenty-first two-thousand seventeen | The day Mitch and Renessa were married.

There are so many words I could use to describe Mitch & Renessa’s wedding day but the word that sticks out to the most for me is JOY. These two have a incredible way of making everyone around them feel comfortable and relaxed enough to laugh and enjoy every moment they get so spend with them. 

With the sun shining but with freezing temperatures, Mitch waited to see Renessa for the first time on their wedding day. He adjusted his coat and smiled big as he heard her trying not to step into deep snow with her sparkly Kate Spade shoes. The moment he turned around to see Renessa you could see the excitement flood both of their faces. The smiles and happiness stayed strong throughout dancing and loving up on each other in the snow. As the party bus rolled up and their bridal party stepped off the joy just exploded. More laughter and fun takes place with that crew than I have ever seen before! Mitch and Renessa were even more in their element. Laughing and enjoying the moment with the very people who make their lives great.

Mitch and Renessa met five years ago while hanging out with their friends. While a lot has changed in those past five years, two things have stayed the same – Mitch & Renessa and their friendships. Every person who celebrated with them has personally been touched by the friendship Mitch & Renessa have given them. On their wedding day there was so much love and joy spilling out of every corner. Their friends and family surrounded the newlyweds with laughter, cheer and lots of dancing. I wasn’t sure if the party was ever going to stop by the amount of pure happiness coming from every person in the room. I believe Mitch and Renessa have such strong friendships because of their strong relationship with each other. It has always been said to marry your best friend & I believe through and through that Mitch and Renessa have done just that.

Joy. In every moment. In every face. In every room. In every heart.

Congratulations, MR + MRS Galland! 

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Instead of a sand ceremony or a candle ceremony they had a Irish Car Bomb Ceremony – my kind of people! 😀Galland2017-01-25 0064Galland2017-01-25 0065Galland2017-01-25 0066Galland2017-01-25 0067Galland2017-01-25 0068Galland2017-01-25 0069

Also,  how cute is my wonderful second photographer and her boyfriend Kris aka the best man!Galland2017-01-25 0070Galland2017-01-25 0072Galland2017-01-25 0073Galland2017-01-25 0074Galland2017-01-25 0075Galland2017-01-25 0076Galland2017-01-25 0077Galland2017-01-25 0078Galland2017-01-25 0079Galland2017-01-25 0080Galland2017-01-25 0081Galland2017-01-25 0082

A BIG thank you to all the vendors who helped make this day possible!

Florals : Shores Floral

Hair: BEYA Salon

Makeup: Jenna Kapperud

Tuxes: Cavaliers Clothing

Wedding Dress: Belle and Blanc

Shoes: Kate Spade

Cake: Mel Sohm

Ceremony Venue: Best Western Inn and Suites

Reception Venue: Beaver Creek Golf Course

DJ: Jim Brandon

Food: Jenny + Chan Miller

Decorations: Jenny Sheppard

Photographer: Merry Character Photography

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