Open Letter to My Husband | Second Anniversary

Dear Evan,

Today we celebrate two years of marriage. It’s funny though because I feel like I have been married to you for a lot longer. I mean that in the best way possible! I feel like you have always been in my life & that you have always been my best friend.

Our lives look a lot different in this second year than they did the first year. We had Isla this year and she is the greatest blessing, but our marriage looks different now. Our Friday nights look different now and our evening routine looks different now. But I wouldn’t want it any other way. Seeing you as a father this year has made my love for your just explode at the seams. I am so grateful to do this parenting with you. You are so willing to go the extra mile when my eyelids can’t stay open & Isla adores you.

But what I am really grateful for is our marriage outside our life with Isla. After she has long gone to bed and it’s just you and me. You still continue to make me laugh even on my crabbiest of days. You still treat me as if I was that blushing bride. You still make me grateful for you every single day. As I sit here I have a hard time coming up with exactly how I feel about you because it’s so complex I am not even sure the right words exist. I am just so thankful.

This past year was challenging since we both had schedules that called us in different directions. There were months that you were in the field and we couldn’t speak and I had a baby who wouldn’t sleep and I felt so alone. What got me through was knowing that if you COULD have been there, you would have done anything to make my life easier. You would have dropped everything if it meant I would be happier, because that is the kind of husband you are.

I know there won’t be a year that comes that doesn’t have it’s challenges, but I hope this next year brings us a little less craziness and more time together. I hope it brings us date nights and after bedtime steaks and Netflix. I hope it brings me beating you in Trivia Crack more than one time. I hope it brings us a beach. I hope it brings us a lot of new adventures that we get to tackle together. Whatever this third year brings us, as long as I have you – I will be doing great.

It may just be “two years” to some people, but these two years have been the best years of my life. Every day is the best day with you in it.

Wo Hiney the most.


Your Girl

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