Tara + Luke | Mentoring Session

A few weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to mentor Jenn, the brilliant photographer behind Jennifer Ray Photography! It was the first time I was given the opportunity to share my knowledge with another photographer & I think it seriously changed the way I operate my business!

 I had been following Jenn for quite a long time, loving her images & referring clients to her without even knowing her. So when Jenn reached out to me I was stunned. I was sure there was nothing I could teach her that she didn’t already know!

 It worked out perfectly that I was going to be in Fort Peck for a few weeks since Jenn lives in Glasgow. We were able to get together & it was the best time!! We talked about business strategies, workflows, gifting, client experience, posing, websites, blogging & how hard it can be being a small business owner. We both taught each other valuable information for our businesses, but most importantly I gained a beautiful new friend out of that night!

On top of learning a lot just by asking questions, Jenn set up for some of her favorite clients to come and be models for us! Oh. My. Goodness. You guys!! You know how much I adore laughter…. and these two had ENDLESS amounts!! Even when the cameras were down and out of sight Luke was making Tara laugh, so much I had to joke with them to wait to be cute until I was ready! They had the kind of love and laughter that everyone hopes to have in a marriage after 17 years & three girls later! They really are a sweet couple that, like me, adore Jenn! We all had a blast that night in Glasgow & I had a blast reliving it when I edited these photos of this couple! 

I can hardly summarize Jenn because she is just that wonderful. She is a mother to five kids (three being foster kids under the age of three), plus she is an amazing photographer, friend & wife! She really is this all around hardworking, passionate, talented angel & I am so happy she was brought into my life! Big thank you to you, Jenn, for trusting me & being such a wonderful person. YOU ARE SO WONDERFUL!!! 

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