Julea & Colton | A Snowy Montana Newlywed Session

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Julea & Colton were married on November 26th, 2016 at the beautiful and historic Old Post Office in Havre, Montana. I was unable to attend because of some previous obligations but I heard incredible things about how beautiful and special it was. After I caught a glimpse of the details they had put together I knew they were going to photograph amazing for their Newlywed Session! 

I’m starting to believe everyone should do a Newlywed Session. Being able to dress up again in your favorite dress and snuggle your brand new husband without all the pressure and hustle of the wedding day has a peaceful and calming aura about it. Julea & Colton were so incredibly patient with the cold & just wanted to constantly be wrapped up in each other’s arms. There are a few aspects of their Newlywed Session & in turn, their wedding day that just blew me away. The biggest being that Julea’s Grandmother, Juliann, made her dress. Yes, you read that right. Juliann MADE her granddaughter’s dress and it is STUNNING!! The dress, as you will see below, is actually two dresses in one. Julea wore the long detailed train during her ceremony and then took the big skirt off for the reception to reveal an adorable under skirt that is perfect for dancing! Simple and yet crazy smart and gorgeous! The dress is definitely made with a lot of love. You can tell by just looking at it there was a lot of time put in to making it perfect. There are pieces of lace from Julea’s mom’s dress sewn about the dress, and from what I heard there was a long process of comparison of colors of fabric – that I might add, they all went together to pick out. I know, I can’t believe it either! It’s amazing! What wonderful memories they will all cherish forever.

Another fabulous detail about their Newlywed Session is that Julea’s mom, Angie, designed and created her bouquet. The bouquet from her wedding day was slightly different from the one pictured at our shoot because of some of the flowers being out of season, but regardless, they are drool worthy! Big, luscious, colorful, and flowing – everything I dream of in a wedding bouquet! If you ever have had an Angie creation you know what I am talking about. They are stunning! 

Behind all the beautiful details of our session, there are two individuals who are madly & crazily in love with each other. Two people who met at a youth activity during a water fight & fell in love. Overcoming a lot of life to get to their wedding day, but getting there in full hearted joy. So many moments of greatness: folding 1,000 paper cranes constructed for good luck, their ceremony officiated by Julea’s grandfather, cutting a cake made by her mother (yes, her mom’s talents are basically endless), dancing the night away with all their friends, and walking out the door as Mr. & Mrs. Robbins! Congratulations you two, I am wishing you an eternity of happiness!

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