Tip for a Tuesday | Guest Post by Brown Eyed Girl

It’s time for post two on all things WEDDING!!! Today our guest blogger is Cesilee Storkson, an amazing makeup artist and owner of Brown Eyed Girl!

I first heard of Cesilee through my hairdresser who was raving about this new makeup artist who just got to town! I immediately looked her up and just knew I needed to work with her. While it took a little while for us to collaborate on something (hello babies and changing businesses), I finally was able to snag her to work with my beautiful clients AND for me on my own wedding day!

She is an extraordinary makeup artist with a raw talent to bring out the features you want showcased on your wedding day. I know first hand that I was apprehensive to wear a lot of makeup because my daily routine usually is just mascara…but I am SO happy I trusted Cesilee because I felt like a princess on my wedding day!!

Today Cesilee is sharing a few tips with us about why it is important to hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding day! Listen up, Brides!


“When you dream about your wedding day, you want everything to be perfect; the man, the dress, the flowers, your hair and makeup! It’s a day you dream about forever and you imagine for years exactly how you will look walking up the aisle. As you start to plan your budget, the day starts to add up quickly and to save some pennies, many brides decide to do their own makeup. Here are a few tips to why you should consider hiring a professional makeup artist for your big day.

When I took my certification, the look we spent the most time on was Bridal. It is one of the most challenging finding that perfect balance between natural and “played up”. I have had many brides who want a natural look for their big day, but I always stress to wear a little more makeup than what they are comfortable with. You are mostly photographed in the natural light of day, and if wearing too little makeup, you will completely lose your look in your photos. By adding a little darker shadow to enhance your eyes, lining your water line, and adding false lashes, it will give you a gorgeous glamorous look, but you will still feel like yourself. Have trust in your makeup artist!

Another factor that is so important is making sure you have the right foundation color. The smallest mismatch can either make you a lovely shade of peachy orange, or completely white, and natural light shows no mercy. In my kit I carry multiple shades of foundation in warm and cool tones, if I don’t have the exact shade to your skin tone; I am able to mix 2 or 3 to find the perfect flawless shade (this will also save your photographer many hours of editing).

When hiring your makeup artist, make sure to do your research. Ask for photos of their past work, you will be able to see how their work photographs professionally. If you find one who’s work you like, make sure to book a trial. Although it costs, it lets you get to know them, get comfortable, and you can work with them to achieve the perfect look for your day! Make sure to collect lots of photos of the look you are wanting so your artist will have an idea of what you expect, a smokey eye can mean many different things to many different people 😉
These are just a few tips of why hiring someone to do makeup professionally is so important. After all, this is the day you have dreamed about since you have been a little girl! You can relax and enjoy getting ready stress free knowing you are in good hands.”

-Cesilee Storkson, Owner of Brown Eyed Girl

You can find contact Cesilee here to schedule her for your own wedding day! I will vouch for her because I am one of her clients!! See pictures below of a few wedding “looks” she created….including my own!

The following images are from my wedding, taken by my good friend and fabulous photographer Sara Jeanne Photography!

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