Workflow Savers | Tip Tuesday

2017 09 23 0001

Do you feel like your workflow takes forever? That you have piles and piles of work to do but have nothing to help you? Do you constantly wish there was something out there to make your life easier? Well photographer friends, today’s Tip Tuesday is all about workflow savers!

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MR + MRS BEECHER | A Romantic Aruba Destination Wedding

beecher arubadestinationwedding1Bruce and Lena are two of my favorites!! They have some of the biggest hearts and the most fun attitudes of people I have ever met. Their Aruban getaway wedding reflected all the personality traits we all love most about these two! It was relaxed, it was beautiful, it was simple, it was a little funny, it was full of love, and it was a little hot :D

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